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Where the Palms Regurgitate the Pines

by G by P

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tried to be the one to tell (tame) you tried to have it all but I just had to leave the picture I just couldn't stand the fall
Spaces 02:24
These are my spaces upon you my, my dream These are my spaces my spaces upon you my dream These are my spaces my spaces upon you my dreams (meow!)
We used to play in all your crystal vases. We took part, fell apart. It wound up dead at the start. I want you I need you I can't have you any other way. I took your art, It looked better in my apartment. Without a hope, A million rags couldn't wipe the dope Out of your brain. So stoned you'd make a good wife insane. I left for home, But it all left sparkled. All it took was a note. And the note is proof, That the kids can't last Cuz you know that it's here And you're lasting. You're lasting. But you're lasting. But you're wasting away at your soul.
I am sorry For taking you away. Though I know We'll be back another day. Though the faces won't be sane. And the wheels will have gone away. We can look to each other Cuz we're all we have to blame. When we return It won't feel sane. So I'm sorry for taking you away. We have become All these moving pieces. We cannot find Our way back there again. I wanted you to forget home. Not never once, no. I needed you to fulfill me. Not never once, no. But these strings they grab and pull me Back there. All these twisted fates have crossed And I'm not there. Without these ropes we cannot swim Or hold onto the rail. All this chitter-chatter Bringing us back around to the way, To time, To the place, We call home. My expressions. You mate. Sunlight on your eyeball Brings up these curious discussions.
Vacaville 04:21
Cycles 06:10
You've got a lingering trail of small doses Leaking out of your lungs. You've got a neon list of a thousand choices You've chosen all before. Without a scope into sparkling switches It's all muck, muck, muck. Without a state unto which your brethren got born It's all chores and chains and chests and stains. Around cycles we do Let's kill Around cycles we move Let's kill It's all Pop frets: Mom's injuries. It's all Pop frets: Mom's perjuries. It's all Pop frets: Mom's injuries, getting larger. Oh, Pop, don't fret no more.
When we fall Do we feel like the rest of them? When we call Do we sound like the rest of them? I sailed with the worst of you. You picked me up like a child on my knees.
Warrior 05:40
I feel you underneath my skin Like you're a warrior. We move underneath these covers Because it's the quickest point of view. I feel you underneath my skin Like you're a champion. We move underneath these covers Because it's the quickest point of view. We move these ways, we move these days Between the yards... I held you in my arms You felt so far away. Don't talk down, you can't talk me down. Standing on the edge of it.
I tried to fix your broken wings But they grew back quickly. I knew to start again, Before you flew on empty. Like a rust you can't explain, I see the look in your eyes and it's not plain. You left it all out on the line, You gotta take it back slow, You gotta take it back another time. It's like that feeling that shows outta your eyes. It's like that light glows outside of your skin. It's like that feeling we get when we're about to Do something wrong. (I picked it up) I still got my nine lives, But I've been running out of luck these days.
Hello darling, do you want to dance? Take my hand, let's go and prance Around the stage, we could do this for days. All their eyes, fixed gaze Upon your dress, and my beautiful chest. You've got the money, now let's have the rest. Caviar and escapades. Holes on parade. A halfway house and the beaches. Don't pick off the leeches. You got a cocaine eyes and a runny nose. You're all sniff-sniff-sniff, but don't blow. I don't want to leave this place People appreciate this face. I don't want to leave this place People appreciate my race. I don't want to leave this place People know who I am. I don't want to leave this place People appreciate this face. Hello darling, did you take my hand? Are you bleeding now? Just look where you stand. It's not the glitter, but you got some glam. Now be a good girl, and take this hand...
It's the kinda way I move thee, I know, I know I need it. And you know, when know what you see, And you know, yeah you know it's me. When you see, baby you, Oh well, I'll will you to be. I need you to see That I've got you baby. All that you need. Everything to me. You're everything to me. All that I see, All that I know, That you're everything to me.
You need to be the future. Prove your worth to this world. I want you to breath. All we are, are god's exceptions. Hell I can't hold any piece of perfection. Angels above shake their heads when I blast a cap-in-daughter, make it whole again. All we are, are god's exceptions. We can't hold any piece of perfection. All we have is all these tea leaves, Trying to understand something we can't conceive.
Hobiano 02:27
All these waves, it makes no sense. All we feel, indifference, it's for you. All these waves we cannot change, You can't eat but I can complain. Can and will. Virgin forces Vegan matters On your weekend, on your weekend. Fill it out between the lines. Initial here and sign. This is your affidavit, what-you-call-it, You need it now, So what could you be waiting for? If you want some more, you'll take the deal. This is your steal. Now. You killed it now. We wished upon a star, Wished we had been born far away from here.


released December 1, 2011


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